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Where Water Meets Land

Rising early in the morning before others stir, I am drawn out of the cottage and down the path to the lake.  The mist rises from the water obscuring much of the land, and no sound disturbs the quiet. This is a moment of deep connection to “the water” which has always been a part of me, and has been passed down through generations from my great grandparents.  This northern lake with its rocky shores has become my homeplace, the place I return to each summer, and where my love of water began. The experience of the lake is intertwined with family memories and appreciation for its captivating beauty which brings contemplation and contentment. 


Over the years the water has continued to exert a strong pull on me wherever I am, whether on the lakefront of a Great Lake near home, on the banks of a stream or pond, or along the shores of a lake in the woods.  Water beckons me to explore its relationship to the land and how each influences the other. Reflections of the land on water and the way light on the water changes with the time of day, weather and season inspire my observation and creation of photographic images.

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